Social Media Checklist

  • Create a LinkedIn personal profile. Complete it!
  • Create a LinkedIn Company Page.
  • Connect your Twitter, Facebook and Blog to your company page.
  • Find and Join LinkedIn groups about your business.
  • Take the business cards you have and add these people to your LinkedIn network.
  • Create a Facebook company page.
  • Think about ways to customize it to make it unique.
  • Find people to ‘Like’. Ask people to ‘Like’ you!
  • Create a Twitter account.
  • Think about ways to customize it to make it unique.
  • Start following people. Tweet and Retweet
  • Use to shorten the links you share.
  • Create a YouTube channel for your company
  • Think about interesting videos you can make. Corporate, informational etc.
  • Sign up for HootSuite. Link your social media accounts to it.
  • Create a social media strategy. Schedule and manage your posts.
  • Integrate the live content from Twitter, Facebook and Youtube into your website.
  • Consider a content management system to easily update your web content and keep it fresh.

Get Social!

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