NetGain Launches Trace to Local Businesses in Barrie

On Feb 12th, 2013 NetGain launched the newest content management system designed around the needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs. The system provides businesses they ability to establish a strong, noticeable web presence by allowing them to edit content, modify images and change color schemes as necessary to reflect changes in company branding.


NetGain is a Barrie company, founded in 2008 by Drew Dekker and Craig Busch. NetGain has grown into one of the largest web development and graphic design houses north of Toronto. Nathan Allen who joined NetGain just over 3 years ago said “At that time, there were five employees, since then we have tripled in size. That could be a quicker growth than what was anticipated but it’s a direct result of the quality of work we do and the name that we’ve been building for our self both locally and in the US.”


Trace was developed to provide a quality web solution for companies who have smaller budgets available to direct towards their online marketing initiatives. Here is how the process works in three simple steps:


Step 1: Branding. You pick a design, and then send NetGain your logos and colours. Now your website is ready for content.

Step 2: Content. Now that your site reflects your overall brand you can now add colours and images.

Step 3: You’re done! Your site is now ready to be viewed by your clients.


Trace will allow business owners to have complete control over their website and how it’s used. The site also includes features that help with sales promotions, social media building and calendar event integration. Trace is your one-stop shop for your complete website presence.

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